There are numerous different studs on the 3 islands of Unst, Yell and Fetlar with a wide and varied selection of authentic Shetland Ponies, bred in Shetland.  Below is a list of some of the studs on Unst, Yell and Fetlar and if you click on the image/stud name, you will be taken to the stud website.

Anderlea Stud Burnside Stud Belmont Stud Booth Stud Bydance Stud Clibberswick Stud Clivocast Stud Effstigarth Stud Freefield Stud Gardie Stud Gerratoun Stud Hestogeo Stud Hivderlea Stud Kirkatoun Stud Laurenlea Stud Loanin Stud Lower Mailaind Stud mailand Stud Moorens Stud Musselbrough Stud Nordaal Stud North Booth Stud Oddsta Stud Rivsdaal Stud Sandalbrae Stud Shirva Stud Townan Stud Tupton Stud Urgarth Stud Westergarth Stud

Have a look around the different studs and see the many different Shetland ponies bred on these 3 islands. You can contact any of the studs on their Contact Details page, although if you are unable to then contact and we’ll see that your request is passed on.

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