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Unst Pony Show 2016

Musselbrough Expo – Junior Champion, Best Junior Colt and Best Broken Coloured

Musselbrough Ivana – Champion Foal

For Sale

Musselbrough Valtra – Chestnut & White Mare

Musselbrough Annika – Chestnut & White Filly

Musselbrough Bella – Black Mare

Musselbrough Kirsten – Skewbald Filly Foal



Musselbrough Eloise

Delighted that Eloise was the first entry to sale at the Shetland sale via i-bidder, thankyou to everybody concerned in setting it up.

Updated info

Some new photo’s added and updated information

First foal arrived safe and sound 14/04/12

Musselbrough Iola had her first foal, a black filly on Saturday afternoon.