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Unst Pony Show 2016

Musselbrough Expo – Junior Champion, Best Junior Colt and Best Broken Coloured

Musselbrough Ivana – Champion Foal

For Sale

Musselbrough Valtra – Chestnut & White Mare

Musselbrough Annika – Chestnut & White Filly

Musselbrough Bella – Black Mare

Musselbrough Kirsten – Skewbald Filly Foal



Musselbrough Eloise

Delighted that Eloise was the first entry to sale at the Shetland sale via i-bidder, thankyou to everybody concerned in setting it up.

Updated info

Some new photo’s added and updated information

First foal arrived safe and sound 14/04/12

Musselbrough Iola had her first foal, a black filly on Saturday afternoon.

Unst Show 2011

Just like to say well done to everybody who braved the awful weather and came to the Unst show on Saturday.

Congratulations to Supreme Champion – Clivocast Crusader