Waterloo Christeen (AA0812)  Liver/White Skewbald  40″  1991 by Rustic of Berry & Coreen of Waterloo

Vicky of Knowe (M98-398/AD533)  Piebald 38″  1994 by Tirval of Quendale & Daffodilly of Waterloo

Loanin Kassy (M02-031/AH0388) Piebald  41″ 1998 by Cawa of Berry & Midmay Macushla of Clibberrswick

Klingrahoull Tessa (AQ0082/M08) Bright Bay 38″  2004 by Mill of Towie Scotsman & Tystie of Grutness

Klingrahoull Gypsy (AS0172)  Piebald  (39 1/2″) 2006 by Tirval of Quendale & Graciela of Lower Mailand

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