Gunelsta Bella (AF1953) Chestnut 32″ (81.5 cm) d.o.b. 01-07-96

 Sire: Waterloo Bumble (AB0639) Dam: Winnie of Pinehoulland (AA2223)

Emma of Knowe (AP0535) Piebald  32″ (81.5)     d.o.b. 10-05-03

Sire: Vallendale Harvey (AE0528) Dam: Annette of Knowe(AJ1175)

Benston Chelsea (AG0178) Skewbald  35.5″ (90.17cm) d.o.b. 30-05-97

Sire: Tusker of Quendale (oo4255) Dam: Geldron Gay (AB0952)

Benstonholm Gabrielle (AM0645) Piebald d.o.b. 07-05-01

Sire: Sweyn of Gott (AC1699) Dam: Yoga of Knowe (AG0346)

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