Foals 2011

First foal of 2011 a filly, Effstigarth Cherry, born 30th April to Gunnelsta Bella (AF1953) by Grutness Flamenco (AN0448).

Gunelsta Bella with foal Effstigarth Cherry

Piebald filly foal Effstigarth Charm born on 11th May to Benstonholm Gabrielle (AMO645) by Xplorer of Braebister (AR1108/S09)
She has been described as having black breeks and a white jumper!

Benstonholm Gabrielle with foal Effstigarth Charm

Skewbald filly Effstigarth Cheeky Girl. Born 13th May to Benston Chelsea (AG0178) by Waterloo Bumble (AB0639S)

Chelsea's foal 2011

Benston Chelsea and Effstigarth Cheeky Girl

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